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The correct steps to purchase child insurance

Parents who want to give their children comprehensive protection when purchasing insurance for their children must clarify their needs and choose the right insurance. If you want to get a perfect child protection, you need to follow certain steps and principles.

General steps to purchase children's insurance

First step: choose insurance agent

Note points: When choosing an insurance agent, you should consider the agent's professional ability, service attitude, whether you can put yourself in the shoes and so on.

Step 2: Formulate the protection plan

Note points: Inform the insurance agent of the family, children, etc., select multiple plans of multiple insurance agents, compare and select the plan that suits you best.

Step 3: Sign the insurance contract

Note: Read the contract terms carefully, and specify the scope of protection, exclusion, deductible, payment method, claim process, waiting period, etc.

What is included in a complete child protection?

A complete child protection, covering all aspects of children's growth, including accidents, illness, medical care, education, marriage, etc. From the perspective of insurance insurance, generally includes the following four aspects:

Children's accident insurance: child autonomy Poor, lively and active, the probability of accidents is high, accident insurance is a must for children's insurance.

Children's health insurance: Children's immunity is poor, the frequency of hospitalization for diseases is high, children's hospitalization insurance for children's health insurance and children's hospitalization expenses are the first choice, followed by severe illness.

Children's Education Gold Insurance: Children's Education Fund is to ensure that children receive a steady and stable education, and have a certain amount of cash back in the high school, university, marriage, entrepreneurship and other stages.

Children's Investment and Treasury Insurance: is a kind of insurance that integrates investment, wealth management and guarantee. The payment period and the guarantee period are longer, which generally involves children's education, entrepreneurship and pension.

How to choose the insurance that suits your child?

First: choose from the age level.

Children of different ages, parents should also have different emphasis when purchasing insurance, generally as follows:

0 -3: Focus on children's health insurance, accident insurance, critical illness insurance, education gold second.

3 -6 : Accident insurance is the first, health and medical insurance is second, and critical illness insurance and education funds are considered as appropriate.

6 -18: At this stage, parents need to comprehensively consider the child's various guarantees. Accident insurance and medical insurance are still the first choice insurance. Critical illness insurance and education insurance should also be considered.

18 -24: At this stage, children are still still studying, or just graduated, facing marriage, entrepreneurship and other issues, parents should prepare return or dividend insurance in advance, but can not ignore accident insurance, health insurance, critical illness insurance, etc. Insurance.

Second: choose from the family situation.

Insurance is a kind of consumption. Therefore, insurance cannot be a burden on the family economy. When purchasing insurance, it is necessary to do what it takes. Generally speaking, the premium for purchasing children's insurance cannot exceed 5%-10% of the family year.

The family with average economic ability can give priority to accident insurance and medical insurance when insuring for children. Most of these types of insurance are consumer insurance, with low premium and high security.

A family with a slightly stronger economic ability can insure children with severe illness insurance on the basis of purchasing accident insurance and medical insurance for their children, which is enough to provide adequate protection for children.

A family with strong economic ability can make long-term protection plans for children. In addition to accident insurance, medical insurance and critical illness insurance, education insurance can be added for children.

Third: choose the child's special circumstances.

Children in some families may have some special insurance coverage for various reasons. For example, children with weak health should pay more attention to health insurance. For example, some children often use special tools to purchase special accident insurance.

What principles should be followed to purchase children's insurance?

In fact, there are certain principles for purchasing insurance. These principles apply not only to children's insurance, but also to other types of insurance.

"First and then far, first and then slow", the risk of easy to send first insured, the general order of insurance is accident insurance, medical insurance, critical illness insurance, investment and wealth management.

"First protection, post-income", some insurance can be used as a means of financial management, but the biggest function of insurance is to provide various guarantees, insurance should be based on protection.

In addition, there are also the first to buy insurance for the family pillar, first buy accident insurance, health insurance, do not repeat the expense of reimbursement insurance and so on.

But for children's insurance, there are some special principles to be followed:

1. First adult, after child

2. Premium should not exceed the adult

3. Choose insurance with exemption function

4. Note the limit of insurance coverage

5. Too long

Children's insurance claims process

Children's education gold and children's investment wealth insurance two types of insurance, generally have a clear agreement in the contract, after the child reaches a certain age, will return a certain amount of cash on a regular basis, the process is relatively clear and simple .

The claims for children's insurance are mainly in children's accident insurance, children's critical illness insurance, children's medical insurance, etc.,

takes children's critical illness insurance as an example. The claim process is generally as follows:

First step: diagnosis

generally to the insurance company The hospital visit, to determine whether you have a major illness, what major diseases have been obtained, get a confirmed diagnosis. The diagnosis is very important and is a necessary material for claims.

The second step: report

After the diagnosis, you should carefully check the policy to see if it is within the scope of protection, then you can call the insurance company to report the case, and the insurance company will start the claim procedure after receiving the report.

The third step: prepare relevant information

with a medical certificate valid signature certificate, outpatient medical records, hospital summary / discharge summary.

Receipt of formal valid reimbursement invoices stamped by the National Family Wealth Administration Taxation Department: medical expenses receipts, hospitalization expenses receipts, and split orders.

A confirmed diagnosis report with a valid signature of a medical institution: laboratory test, video, electrocardiogram, etc.

The fourth step: accept compensation

compensation amount has a clear contract, the insurance company will be in accordance with the contract claims.

There are many products with severe illness insurance today, and the claims process is relatively simplified. The contract stipulates that compensation can be obtained as long as the diagnosis is made.

Parents need to pay attention to the purchase of critical illness insurance, pay attention to the amount of insurance, the general cost of treatment of major diseases are 300,000-500,000, so the amount of insurance should be as high as possible, with 500,000 is appropriate.

The correct steps to purchase child insurance
Parents who want to give their children comprehensive protection when purchasing insurance for their children must clarify their needs and choose the right insurance. If you want to get a perfect child protection, you need to follow certain

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