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Wealth management products: also a kind of knowledge service

With the advent of the knowledge economy, the choice, demand, and information are diversified, and the service methods and contents of financial marketers are also quietly changing. New financial services—financial planning services have emerged.

Financial sales enter the buyer's field

Under the background of rapid economic development and wealth-building movement, over the years, the total amount of economy, individual, family, and enterprise has been greatly improved. However, from the perspective of financial management, the people have wealth and wealth, to own assets and inherit assets. However, in just one or two decades, the people generally lack the inheritance and precipitation of financial knowledge and technology.

One side is more and more wealth accumulation, faster and faster growth rate, and the other side is relatively weak wealth management knowledge and technology, which forms a big contrast between them. As a result, people are getting richer, and many people are becoming more and more anxious, and financial chaos is endless.

In addition, the rapid development of the financial market in recent years has caused individuals, families and businesses to face the increasingly demanding choice of financial products, which has aggravated people's anxiety. People find that when they buy financial products, they often make mistakes. If they simply rely on a financial instrument, they can't solve many wealth problems in their lives.

In the early stage of the financial industry, financial products were simple, customer needs were simple, financial services were simple, and investors had little demand for financial planning services. Before the financial planning service was launched, the starting point of financial product marketing was the product, not the customer's wealth management needs. With the increase of financial products, the increase of financial entities and the maturity of customer awareness, the financial product marketing market has also begun to change.

From the perspective of supply and demand, today's financial product marketing has entered the buyer's era. At the moment, what is placed in front of customers is not how to buy products, but how to choose the products that suit them and how to buy them in today's market. Under this demand, financial planning services began to nurture and develop.

Demand for financial sales oriented

Due to separate operations, many financial marketers today often only have some vertical marketing thinking and technology. For example, most bank managers are better at selling wealth management products, and securities brokers are better at providing stock information to customers. Insurance sales are more concerned about how much protection the customer has...

and the customer's needs are not one-way. The customer needs financial marketing personnel to guide him. What is the difference between each financial instrument? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Which financial instrument is better suited to choose, how to allocate funds? Therefore, the necessity of financial marketers to learn financial planning arises.

The perceptual description of financial planning is the rational allocation and application of assets, so that the entire wealth can be better arranged, realize the goal of wealth freedom and realization; from the ideal point of view, the financial planning content contains realistic management (how should money now? Use) and future management (how money is used in the future), their management needs some logic to support, such as asset allocation logic, product portfolio logic, these logic constitute the content of financial planning theme.

The wealth management knowledge and technology involved in financial planning can better integrate financial instruments, meet the customer's management needs for wealth, and realize the value-added goal of customers' wealth. Through the study of financial planning, financial marketers know how to meet the individual needs of customers by understanding the overall needs of customers. Product sales based on financial planning logic can provide customers with more fair and correct wealth management arrangements, which is what customers expect.

The trend of professional financial planning

It is undeniable that in this era, the situation that a single financial product can satisfy a single financial need exists, but at the same time, this field will also give birth to a group of complex and professional financial planning. The farm service mode of the import means. In financial marketing, especially for financial markets above the middle class, awe-inspiring is an inevitable trend.

At present, there is such a trend or there is such a crowd. They do not simply sell the financial products they sell, but talk more about life topics with customers, understand the needs of customers, and then work with their own work. Correspondence relationship. From a deeper perspective, this is actually a model of a financial planner.

In the past, financial marketing emphasized sales techniques and emphasized customer relationships. It focuses on what financial marketers sell and how to sell. Nowadays, financial marketing emphasizes the knowledge system, theoretical level and practical operation, and pays more attention to what customers buy, and more in line with customer needs.

In fact, financial planning services belong to a kind of knowledge-based marketing, a marketing of theoretical knowledge. From the perspective of knowledge marketing, financial planning provides an effective purchasing logic for financial product marketing.

After deep understanding of the customer, what financial products and services are found is what he needs most, and how much is needed. Then, he sells a set of logic (financial planning logic) to the customer, so that the customer can have a certain kind of cognition and then sell the product.

Although the ultimate financial marketer sales may still be these products, in reality, these products are an important means of implementation in financial solutions. In other words, financial marketers are selling a set of financial planning solutions that help customers solve problems and sell a product system with inherent logic.

If financial marketingIf people have the knowledge of professional financial planning and the ability and technology of financial planning, then they are more likely to win the advantage in the future competition, and they can reflect the value and lead the future.

Today, no financial marketer can ignore the study of financial planning. In a sense, financial planning (financial wealth management knowledge and service logic) is also a commodity on the financial products in the conventional sense. This commodity is produced by consumers' demand for financial integration. It is a set of knowledge-based products that are independent of financial products, new products for financial services, and even products on products.

Wealth management products: also a kind of knowledge service
With the advent of the knowledge economy, the choice, demand, and information are diversified, and the service methods and contents of financial marketers are also quietly changing. New financial services—financial planning services have

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