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Exemption, child education insurance

As a father, like many friends, I care more about my child's education. However, some issues of purchasing education funds are still worthy of attention, especially those who do not know what the “exemption” of education money is all about. After driving, you will find that its billboard reads: Please do not pick up the calculator to calculate the benefits of insurance, if you can calculate it, it is definitely not a risk. Although insurance can't change life, it can prevent future life from being changed. I often have friends who call or privately trust me to buy education money for my children. I will introduce them to the details in detail. But what is interesting is that when I said the word "exemption", they all asked in unison: "Is the exemption used?" I think that people who have not been in contact with insurance are unfamiliar with "exemption". Surprisingly, however, some of the friends who bought insurance did not even know about it. I really felt a little dumbfounded. I asked them, did the previous agent introduce you to you? The answer is “No!” As the core “exemption” of education insurance, it is neglected. This is a terrible thing. I have also read a lot of articles related to education funds in financial magazines. They also rarely mention "exemptions" or introduce them to amateurs. Below I will give you an introduction to the "exemption". 1. There will be an additional exemption insurance in the traditional education insurance, which guarantees that the insured person is exempt from the late premium when the operator is exposed to unexpected risks during the payment period. However, with the development of the times, the traditional exemption insurance has become more and more thin, and the family that fails to be effective constitutes an effective guarantee. I have summarized the following three shortcomings: 1 The person who protects is too single, can only be the insured, not the parents. 2 The scope of protection is too limited, and it can only protect the insured from the risks caused by accidents, and then exempt the premium. If there is a risk due to other reasons, it cannot be effectively waived. 3 The time for guarantee is too short. The exemption from the end of the payment period to the child's adulthood is a blank. This gap is ignored by many friends. 2. Now the new exemption insurance has solved the risk gaps of friends in the above places: 1 First of all, both parents can enter the list of exemptions, “bundled” together, more humane. 2 In terms of coverage, it not only exempts the risk of accidents, but also includes the risks caused by the disease. It can be said that the risks caused by any cause can be exempted. 3 In the time of guarantee, the new exemption is extended to the child's adulthood, not a short period of payment. 4 The most important point is that after the exemption occurs, in addition to exempting the friends' late fees, the insurance company will compensate the friends with the previously paid expenses together with the children's living expenses. I put such a guarantee content, and after each introduction to my friends, they all felt that it was an unexpected gain. In fact, as far as education is concerned, no matter whether or not a friend has an insurance company, it will be there. It is nothing more than friends who use other financial tools to take care of themselves. However, the pursuit of income at this point is often misunderstood, because the most important immunity protection function of education insurance is that other financial tools cannot be replaced. No, funds are not available, stocks are not good... Of course, many friends at this time I will ask, "The field is too big. How can I choose the education gold products?" I will tell them about this issue. There are indeed many educational gold products on the field, but there are two major categories, one is American. Cash dividends, that is, annual dividends are distributed to friends in cash, or there is a separate account interest rate by default; the other type is British insured dividends, that is, each year dividends are directly transferred to friends' accounts, while increasing dividends, The amount is also growing, and the money received in the future is growing every year. In the long run, the latter is more suitable for consumers, and British dividend products can let friends experience the charm brought by compound interest. Imagine that an American dividend-paying product distributes 10,000 survivors of gold in a year, and pays 10,000 when friends are 60 or 70. The British-style dividend products have gone away from 60 to 70 over time. It is far more than 10,000, and the amount of money received each year will increase. Which is more suitable? I believe everyone can see at a glance. After introducing these contents for everyone, I often advise my friends: In addition to insurance configuration, the education fund also needs to be combined with other high-yield wealth management products, so that it can be foolproof. Right?
Exemption, child education insurance
As a father, like many friends, I care more about my child's education. However, some issues of purchasing education funds are still worthy of attention, especially those who do not know what the “exemption” of education money is all abo

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