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Children's Education Gold Insurance

Children's Education Gold Insurance is the mother's heart. Children's insurance helps you plan your children's education. "The friends who have children around me basically buy a child's insurance for their children. Generally, they buy education for children's education. Gold insurance."

Ms. Chen, who works at an advertising company, said. "The status of children in the family is self-evident, especially for the one-child family. Many parents' insurance awareness is caused by the child's coming. At present, the insurance company has developed more and more children's insurance products. Savings insurance is very popular, and now it is the most popular for children's education insurance.” The relevant product experts of the Life Branch told reporters.

Every step of the child's growth is a combination of parents' expectations and expectations. Therefore, in order to ensure that children can receive high-quality education and have a healthy body during the critical period of growth, parents need to make a detailed plan in advance.

Education costs have become the family's largest expenditure. At present, with the continuous improvement of education costs, children's education gold planning has become the first demand for family financial management. According to the survey data of more than 20,000 people in 50 cities in the fourth quarter of 2008, the current goal of saving money for the people has always been the top of the list, and it is far higher than other needs such as pension and self-protection. A survey conducted by Sina Finance also shows that more than 83.4% of parents feel the economic pressure to raise children.

So how much does it cost for children's education? A survey report from us gives us the answer: A group of data from the famous sociologist Xu Anqi of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences called "The Economic Cost of Children" report caused the society. The hot discussion: "The cost of children at different stages accounts for 39%-52% of the total family expenditure.

From the perspective of direct economic costs, it is estimated that the children's colleges and universities will have a household expenditure of 480,000." The scope of this report is limited to Xuhui District and cannot represent the level. However, it is an indisputable fact that the economic cost of raising children is increasing geometrically. The data in the report shows the strong desire of parents to become talented.

The country has popularized compulsory education. Why do families still have such high expenditures on education? People in the education sector pointed out that this is mainly because of changes in the concept of education and family consumption, and the rise of children’s status in the family, which has led many parents. They are willing to take out a large amount of real money to invest in their children's education. These educational expenses are used in addition to the tuition fees for exam-oriented education.

This quality education expenditure includes Olympic numbers, piano, calligraphy, and dance. Some courses have higher fees and must also be equipped with learning equipment for children, such as computers, foreign language learning machines, pianos, etc., as well as other fees such as books, rides, and communication fees. Therefore, the general education expenses paid by the family for their children should be more many.

With the development of society, parents pay more and more attention to the education of their children. Wang Zicheng and Wang Nongcheng become the public psychology. The reality of society makes the importance of education and diplomas multiply. Letting children go to school with high-quality resources means that they are close to a high degree and a good diploma. Therefore, many parents regard the famous schools as the hope of their children becoming famous, and they do not hesitate to go to the extent of their own efforts.

Planning education funds should be in line with the family reality. Experts from related products of Life Branch said in an interview with reporters: "Child education is also an important part of family financial management. Parents are enthusiastic about their children's education investment, but we must also face up to it. Many parents have expressed enthusiasm and lack of rationality on this issue. Children's education investment is of course important, but education investment has its own characteristics as part of the family's many expenditures. Only early and reasonable planning can ensure that huge educational expenditures are not allowed. The family is overwhelmed.” The related product experts of the Life Insurance Branch also reminded parents that they must conform to their own family situation when planning their children's education, especially in the context of the economic crisis, only the right way can be used to achieve the planning effect. To choose the right way, we must first understand the characteristics of education funds. Education funds have the following characteristics: First, there is no time flexibility. When a child reaches a certain age, he or she will go to school (such as going to primary school around 7 or going to college at around 18). It cannot be postponed because there is not enough tuition. Second, there is no cost elasticity. The basic tuition fees for each stage are relatively fixed and these fees are the same for each student. Third, the additional cost gap is large and must be adequately prepared. Children's qualifications are different, and the relevant costs in the entire education process are very different, so it is better to prepare more. Fourth, compulsory savings, special funds. Children's education should set up a special account, just like the personal pension account is used in retirement planning; the housing provident fund account is used in the purchase planning, in order to be dedicated. Fifth, the duration is long and the total cost is huge. The continuing education expenditure of children from small to large for nearly 20 years, the total amount may be more than the purchase of housing. Sixth, high expenditures in stages. For example, college education, an average of 20,000 per child per year, is 80,000 in 4 years; the cost of studying abroad, the total price is more than 150,000. These fees have a short payment cycle and high payment costs require advanced financial preparation. Children's education is mainly investment, and the principle of education gold planning should be based on investment. Because education funds have a long-term, high-cost, and inflexible nature, the risk-bearing ability is minimal and the investment method should be chosen. The most common forms of education investment are education savings, education insurance, and fund investment and government bonds. Different from other methods, insurance, as a way of planning education funds, can be effectively and effectively used for special purposes. At the same time, in the education planning of children, we must pay attention to the special education stage of high expenditure, and ensure that children have sufficient expenses to cope with the demand. needThe reminder is that education planning should be early and prevent conflicts with other needs such as pensions. What kind of financial tools on the field can meet the needs of parents to plan their children's education? The products that have just won the third insurance innovation award have attracted wide attention. The product experts of the Life Division told reporters: "As a comprehensive financial service integrating insurance and investment, in recent years, we have been committed to the research and development of educational products to meet the needs of different families for education. Established in 2008 20 On the anniversary of the launch of a product is one of the representatives. This product is tailored to the characteristics of the middle-class family: First, the expectations of parents and children's interests, qualifications may have a gap. In a more relaxed Angle planning, in response to the different choices of children in the future, the company launched this product, the minimum annual premium of 12,000, customers can also add premiums according to their own needs and ability to pay. Second, investment, flexible. Policy value The guaranteed interest rate is 1.75% of the annualized interest rate, and customers can apply for partial collection according to their financial planning and needs, so that the client's investment and financial management is flexible. Third, the education plan is accompanied by health insurance, if insured If you have a major illness, you can get the early payment of the critical illness insurance. If the same Additional heavy illness exemption will be exempt from the premiums during the exemption period. The value of the policy will not be affected, and the child's healthy growth will be fully protected, demonstrating human care." Xu Xiaozhou, Wang Bao, male, 0 weeks, parents are corporate management personnel The family is about 300,000 a year. Parents plan to prepare an education fund for their baby to solve the expenses of their children's university and study abroad. The insured, Wang Bao, is insured by his parents for life insurance (universal type), the basic insurance amount is 50,000, and the annual premium is 12,000. The plan is to pay 21 years. The two major highlights of this product are: First, the compulsory savings of education funds, special funds. (Illustration) Parents can receive 20,000 a year from their children during 20-23 universities, and receive a total of 80,000 yuan as a university education fund. After graduation, they can also receive 200,000 yuan for study abroad (if there is no plan for studying abroad, 200,000) The funds can also be used as a baby's venture capital or marriage fund. The purchase of this product is equivalent to the opening of a special education account. The products can be flexibly collected to meet the educational needs of different stages. Second, the income is generous. High returns meet the full range of needs of children's education. (Illustration) After the education payment, the policy value is still 240,000, and it is still adding value; if it has not been collected since then, the value of the policy will reach 1.65 million by 60 weeks and 4.76 million at 80:00 (mid-range demonstration rate).
Children's Education Gold Insurance
Children's Education Gold Insurance is the mother's heart. Children's insurance helps you plan your children's education. "The friends who have children around me basically buy a child's insurance for their children. Generally, they buy edu

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