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For the child's sudden illness to protect the choice of seri

According to the accidental injury survey conducted by more than 43,000 children in 11 cities in the Department of Children's Health of Tongji Medical University, the results showed that the incidence of non-fatal accidental injuries was 24.10%. According to the insurance “2009 Statistical Analysis Report on Claims Data” According to the major disease claims, the number of claims for children under 10 accounted for 4.9%, which is much higher than that of the 11-20 age group, which is 0.6 percentage points higher than that of 2008.

On the eve of the "1 June", Life Insurance launched a comprehensive insurance plan for children's insurance, providing 15 kinds of major illness protection for children, covering the hospitalization and hospitalization subsidies before, during and after the hospitalization, and the insured children can enjoy Personal protection up to 3 times the amount of insurance.

Insurance told reporters that the company launched a combination of hot-selling products for children's farms, mainly on insurance protection and education expenditures. Its barrier functions cover accidental injury protection, critical illness protection and hospitalization. Guarantee.

Insurance introduces a child health insurance plan. After 180 days from the effective date of the policy, 0~5 children can enjoy 100,000 major illness insurance benefits, covering 15 kinds of common diseases of children; 5~18 children, enjoy 20 The 10,000 major illness insurance premium covers 15 major diseases that are common in children.

During the period of 18~60, it will enjoy 200,000 major illness insurance benefits, and the disease will be automatically increased to 29 kinds; during the period of 60~100, 100,000 major illness insurance benefits will be covered, covering 29 common high-risk major diseases; in addition, the plan includes hospitalization for diseases. Cost compensation and living allowances, if the child has medical insurance, the remaining portion of the medical insurance can be reimbursed at 100%.

A clear "educational gold" demand, a recent survey by the National Bureau of Statistics shows that 70% of parents surveyed believe that education costs are still high, and the average monthly consumption of children accounts for more than a quarter of the total family. In addition to the necessary expenses such as tuition fees and book fees, there are also a wide variety of supplementary expenses such as tuition fees and school fees.

In the "First Quarter Consumer Confidence Survey Report 2010" jointly released by the National Bureau of Statistics Economic Climate Monitoring Center and Nielsen Company, children's education ranks among the top three most concerned about consumers; current/regular savings deposits are the majority The main way of managing money.

As a result, the insurance policies for the insurance companies are all based on the education gold compensation as the biggest selling point of the products, in order to win the attention of the field. Several of the hot-selling products of the Life Insurance Group have launched a plan for the growth of children's wealth in the form of value-added value-added and personal protection. The slogan is to collect a small amount of pocket money for use as a future education fund or venture capital. An important source.

This product portfolio is divided into three sub-plans according to the education reserve categories required for different age groups. The product design is relatively flexible, and the payment methods are also divided into annual payment, semi-annual payment, quarterly payment and even monthly payment. The comprehensive protection plan for children's insurance of

provides education guarantee for the three stages of junior high school, high school and university. For those who have studied abroad, they can increase the “senior gold” protection when the child is at a certain age (such as 25). A maturity payment is available.

The person in charge of the product department said that a 30-parent parent has been insured for 8 months. If you choose the annual premium of 19986.39 and the payment period is 10 years, the child will receive 80,000 college education during the growth process. Gold, 50,000 overseas scholarship, 100,000 full-time payment, in addition to policy dividends; in terms of protection, it enjoys 300,000 insured children's major disease protection, 300,000 insured life insurance for adults, and The insured person’s death, high disability, and severe illness premium exemption guarantee.

In the classic product portfolio plan of insurance, in the age group where the insured person attends the university, he can receive 10,000 per year as an education reserve to guarantee the education and quality of life during his university period; Gold to protect the quality of life in old age.

Standard Life has launched a new "Children's Comprehensive Care Plan", proposing the concept of "Golden Decade" annuity insurance, and hopes to provide children with a 10-year employment "living expenses", including additional junior high school education insurance and additional high school education. Insurance, additional university education insurance, etc., provide them with multiple guarantees such as accidents, medical care, serious illness, parenting, and junior, senior, and university education.

Indispensable "premium immunity", the interview was informed that the policyholder's premium exemption protection is indispensable for children's insurance, such as the risk of the insured (such as parents) during the payment period, can be exempted The premiums of each period will continue to enjoy the benefits.

According to reports, this time the scope of premium exemption has been expanded, that is, the insured person unfortunately has a death, a high degree of disability, and in the case of 36 major diseases, the policy can be exempted from late insurance premiums and continue to enjoy the benefits of the policy.

Insurance introduced the children's protection plan, which also attaches premium immunity. The term life insurance can be exempted from the death or total disability of the insured, and the entire premium for all the main insurance and the attached insurance premium is exempted. Instead of only partially exempting the main insurance, it fully protects education, serious illness and other benefits.

In addition to the clear consumer demand of insurance protection and education financial management, some families still prefer the return function and dividend function of children's insurance. They hope to combine the advantages of various single wealth management products to achieve the intended investment objectives.

10According to the insurance introduction, the company has introduced a series of insurance portfolio plans. In addition to the additional periodic major illness insurance, additional inpatient medical insurance, and additional hospitalization fixed medical insurance, from the second policy anniversary date, a certain amount can be fixed each year. At the age of seniority, if you do not receive it, you will be paid according to the daily compound interest. The insured can receive it at any time to ensure that the interest rate is at least not lower than the interest rate for the same period. At a certain age, you can get a birthday gift.

For the child's sudden illness to protect the choice of seri
According to the accidental injury survey conducted by more than 43,000 children in 11 cities in the Department of Children's Health of Tongji Medical University, the results showed that the incidence of non-fatal accidental injuries was 24

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