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Reasonable advice for women financial management

There is a large amount of teaching about "female financial management" in the Internet, but these teachings or suggestions are often biased or wrong. In summary, they can be roughly divided into three categories.

Common female financial advice category

Female financial advice under male right thinking. In the eyes of “straight male cancer”, women are weak, protected, and stupid. Therefore, such advice usually regards “female financial management” as an entertainment, and women’s financial management is to follow the trend or “ G". Based on this, most of the suggestions given are “small wealth management”, “focus on risk” and so on.

Elite female financial advice. This type of financial advice is to treat all women as elites. It seems that women are either secretaries or company bosses. Financial advice suggests that the number of female assets is high, so the recommendation is usually “spread investment” and so on.

"Inspirational" financial advice. This kind of advice is mostly based on women's psychology. The title is often "man can't rely on it, financial management is the home", "women don't care about the financial situation," and so on.

For women, P2P financial management should be like this - P2P financial management is not exclusive to men, women can also "play"; not only wealthy women can manage money, working girls can also carry out P2P financial management; Blood, as usual with buying a piece of clothing and eating a meal.

"So, for the above three financial advice for women, you can basically ignore it." While ignoring the prejudice financial advice, the experts also gave ten financial advices that are more pertinent and practical for female financial users.

Women's financial management top ten recommendations

Article 1 Consensus

According to relevant statistics, users above the platform 25 accounted for 80%, women of this age, many are married women. Moreover, married women control family wealth. Because it is a common property, if you use family property to manage your finances, you must negotiate with family members. This is the premise - after all, "the beauty of people and families."

The second measure is

In the female white-collar group, borrowing has become more and more common. Some women like to borrow from friends, family, and colleagues. As far as P2P financing is concerned, it is best to use your own funds to manage your finances and avoid borrowing to manage your finances. In addition, the industry's financial earning rate is lowering, and borrowing and financing are not cost-effective – human debt is much more difficult than financial debt.

Third Article Small Steps Faster

Generally speaking, women are more risk-conscious than men, more timid in the face of risk, and women's awareness of risk tends to be gradually recognized, rather than being in place. Therefore, it is recommended that female wealth management users should invest in financial management at the beginning, and then invest a small amount of money. After deepening their understanding of the platform, they will gradually increase the amount of money for financial management.

Article 4 Avoiding Temptation

Many women are lacking in strength for beauty goods, clothing, jewelry, travel and other goods and services. Some P2P platforms use this as a breakthrough, and use these as "props" to lure women into financial management. Women should be cautious about the platform for such propaganda.

The fifth short-term standard is

Considering that women's daily consumption expenditure is large, if excessive investment in financial management may affect daily life, it is recommended that female users choose the target when they choose the target. For short-term financial management, the main purpose of financial management within half a year is to avoid the target of more than one year. In this way, even if there is a large amount of expenses, it can quickly recover the principal and interest, which is more flexible.

Article 6 Appropriate loyalty

Diversified investment is not a good suggestion, especially for female users with limited funds. Proper loyalty to a financial platform can save energy and time, and also get some unexpected benefits. For example, more and more platforms have begun to introduce strategies such as point redemption and membership discounts. If you manage financial resources on a platform for a long time, you will be able to earn more points and membership privileges.

Article 7 Mobile Banking

Women use mobile phones longer than men, while computers use less time than men. At the same time, in order to improve the efficiency of financial management, it is recommended that female users choose to develop a financial platform with an APP or a WeChat port. Whether you are in a commercial street or a movie theater, you can manage your finances at any time.

Article 8 Social Welfare

A happy person to share, it will become two happy. The same is true for financial knowledge sharing. Because women are more adept at maintaining the relationship between friends and are more willing to engage in social activities, female financial users can use financial management as one of the social talks, share investment tips and exchange investment knowledge with friends, which is very helpful for P2P financial management.

Article 9 Borrowing the same

Borrowing is also part of the financial management. If a female wealth management user wants to borrow from the P2P platform, it is recommended to choose the financial platform that he has invested in becauseI am familiar with the platform. In addition, many platforms have relevant regulations - if the platform's wealth management users borrow, you can give certain help and concessions.

Article 10 Light-cooked style

Light-skilled women, they are not stubborn, will not be eager for quick success, they are not extreme, and the incident is very elegant. As a financial channel for P2P, if female users choose this channel, they should try the “lightly cooked” financial management style. Do not blindly pursue high returns, do not deliberately seek high returns, and the platform is controlled by the wind, knowing the platform style, the breeze will come, not shocked.

Reasonable advice for women financial management
There is a large amount of teaching about "female financial management" in the Internet, but these teachings or suggestions are often biased or wrong. In summary, they can be roughly divided into three categories. Common female financial ad

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