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How do divorced women invest in financial management?

Ms. Zhang is 37 years old and is engaged in marketing work in a joint venture, 4000. For emotional reasons, she handled the divorce procedure with her husband last year. According to the agreement, the 108-square-foot housing is owned by Ms. Zhang. At the same time, the housing loan (the loan principal and interest is 100,000 and the loan period is six years left) is also repaid by Ms. Zhang. The daughter of the fourth grade of elementary school is raised by Ms. Zhang, and her ex-husband pays a monthly support of 1,000. Ms. Zhang’s personal assets are mainly 40,000 bank time deposits and 10,000 certificate government bonds.

In order to live better for herself and her daughter, Ms. Zhang worked hard and her marketing performance has always been among the best in the company. Although she is not low, her daily expenses are also around 2,000, and she has to repay 1700 home loans. I don’t pay attention, and family finances will be stretched. Considering that the pressure on repayment is too great, and her daughter’s education expenses are also rising, she plans to dispose of the existing house, temporarily rent or change a small house. I can consider repeatedly that she has always been unable to make up her mind. In this case, she deliberately found a professional financial planner to let him do financial planning for himself.

financial planner's comment:

Ms. Zhang's financial concept and investment method are all conservative. Although the financial goal is to hope that the family property can be steadily added, the actual effect may be counterproductive--this kind of financial management is "excessive" and stable. As a result, "negative income" has emerged. This "negative income" does not mean that Ms. Zhang has put money in the bank, the depreciation of assets due to negative interest rates, and her financial behavior has artificially caused "negative gains." Because she pays interest on housing loans at an annual interest rate of 5.04%, while the cash assets are in the bank to enjoy a low interest rate of about 2%, this alone, Ms. Zhang has a financial loss of 1,500 per year.

At the same time, Ms. Zhang’s financial management is “taking a step and taking a step” and lacks long-term planning for follow-up. The life expectancy of women is generally higher than that of men. The economic security needs of later years will be greater than that of men. Therefore, the long-term financial planning of women is directly related to the life guarantee after retirement. If Ms. Zhang does not change her financial management concept and actively converts all kinds of high-yield investments, according to the current level of Ms. Zhang’s level, her ability to save, and the inflation rate of 4% per year, she may only rely on porridge for retirement. .

In a nutshell, although Ms. Zhang knows that she is actively working and making efforts to make money, she ignores the financial planning, including the idea of ​​selling houses and changing houses. It does not meet the actual situation of her divorce and the financial rules that maximize the value of family wealth. In fact, financial management is more important than making money, and learning is also greater. Therefore, Ms. Zhang needs to change her financial management concept and re-adjust her family finances in a timely manner.

one: the house should be retained, other ways can be used to reduce the pressure on repayment of loans

Nowadays, a popular phrase among female friends is called "the house is more reliable than men". When divorcing, women generally ask for a house, because the house is the largest family property, and the house has the basic guarantee of life. In particular, divorced women have greater pressure to survive and compete. They have a spacious and comfortable house that will help to relax physically and mentally. Therefore, Ms. Zhang’s existing house should be retained. Although the pressure on repayment is relatively high, it can be appropriately “decompressed”:

Ms. Zhang can first withdraw the 50,000 time deposits and government bonds in her hand for early partial repayment. . After this adjustment, Ms. Zhang’s monthly repayment amount will be reduced by half, and family pressure will be greatly reduced.

II: Do a good job of follow-up care

Although the pressure to repay the loan has been alleviated, the pressures of life and child education are still very heavy. Therefore, it is necessary for Ms. Zhang to carry out scientific management in the follow-up. On the basis of the pursuit of relative security, Actively seek for the preservation and appreciation of family wealth.

1. Education savings for daughters

Education savings have the advantage of interest rate concessions, one-year and three-year education savings are calculated according to the same grade and deposit time deposit rate, and six-year period deposits are fixed for five years. The interest rate bears interest rate, which can be said to be the deposit method of zero deposits and acquisitions, but enjoys the whole deposit and interest rate. At the same time, education savings are exempt from interest income tax. If the interest rate spread is added, the income is 25% higher than other similar grades. Ms. Zhang can open a six-year education savings account for her children, with a monthly deposit of 270. When she goes to college, this 20,000-plus principal and interest can be used.

2. Purchase regular fixed-rate funds

Huaan, Dacheng, and other funds have launched regular fixed-rate funds, which are similar to banks' zero deposits, but have both savings and investment. Designed wealth management products. Investors invest a fixed amount each month, fund companies will use the fund to buy a small share when the net value is high, when the fund's net value is low, buy a larger share of the "average cost method" to share the investment cost, so that the investment risk is reduced, the income is more stable . Ms. Zhang can use her own payroll passbook as an automatic debit account, and the fund sales agency will set a monthly salary payment date to deduct 500 purchases of open-end funds from the account. This investment method is the same as “snowball”. To make capital and income bigger and bigger, Ms. Zhang can use it as a child education fund or her own pension fund.

3. Appropriate purchase of insurance to enhance the ability to withstand risks

Most units have implemented the medical expenses industry co-ordination or social co-ordination, but this kind of protection has certain limits, Ms. Zhang should purchase health insurance in moderation, or purchase protection. ,Savings and investment are all kinds of dividends, such as Hongtai of life, thousands of reds of insurance companies, bonuses of life, life, etc. This kind of insurance can be bonused in addition to basic insurance functions. Formally share the operating results of the insurance company, thereby improving the family's comprehensive support ability and financial management income. In addition, Ms. Zhang can also buy a personal accident insurance for herself. The beneficiary is designated as a daughter, which will further support a child's growth and support a shelter for the wind and rain.

Of course, the above financial planning does not mean that Ms. Zhang becomes a miser who only invests and does not spend money. On the other hand, through a comprehensive plan, Ms. Zhang can become a more powerful dominator, improve her quality of life with scientific financial management and reasonable consumption, so as to enjoy the wealth and happiness of people.

How do divorced women invest in financial management?
Ms. Zhang is 37 years old and is engaged in marketing work in a joint venture, 4000. For emotional reasons, she handled the divorce procedure with her husband last year. According to the agreement, the 108-square-foot housing is owned by Ms

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