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Do you dare to believe in low-interest unsecured loans onlin

With the advantage of the Internet, online lending is becoming a trend. The words “one-day lending”, “ultra-low interest rate”, “no mortgage” and “high-value loans without handling fees” have become the publicity signs of the loan platform. Although this new type of loan is convenient and fast, it is easy to have various risks in the application process. In particular, the microfinance companies that rely on these network platforms can be described as mixed, and their illegal capital absorption behaviors are quite a lot. The people brought losses of interest.

"Advance payment" should be treated with caution.

In Baidu search "online loan", there have been many related platforms. In order to highlight its own advantages, the platform is more prominent in its prominent position to show its low interest characteristics. On a homepage called “Weixin Credit”, the reporter found that with a loan quota of 100,000 and a three-year term as an example, the average monthly rate of the bank is 0.96%, and the monthly rate of prestige is only 0.75%.

Despite the convenience of the application, the reporter found in the interview that some platforms often require customers to pay a certain fee, deposit or advance interest before lending, such as “unsecured” and “low interest”. There are deceptive behaviors behind the way.

Recently, some media reported that Ms. Zhao had handled a loan on the Internet. The other party asked her to pay a handling fee and a capital verification fee. So she credulously said the other person’s words and then sent thousands of them to the past. I thought it could be fast. I got the loan and didn't expect the other party to disappear after getting the money. "Regular credit institutions generally charge money first and then charge the relevant fees reasonably. If the interest or handling fee is paid first, it can basically be determined to be fraudulent." Yang Lan, a staff member of the bank's Shangding Road branch, said.

Behind the small loan company "Li Gui" is

. The reporter found that most of the online loan platforms are offline small loan companies. Their purpose of expanding the network channel is to attract more customers. However, many of the small loan companies that are hidden in the network are counterfeit companies, and they use the name of other well-known small loan companies to conduct fraudulent activities online. There are also some small loan companies indicated on the platform. The reporters have not checked the registration information of the company through the department inquiry. That is to say, the small loan company that the platform relies on does not exist at all. If this happens, it is likely that the loan platform. It is a fake platform.

Securities account manager Li Kun said: "The real small loan company has strict requirements on loans. Generally, it does not directly lend money on simple online loan applications. Those imposter liar companies use technology to make a fishing nature. Websites, fake business licenses or business licenses to defraud lenders. Once discovered, these 'Li Gui' will re-establish websites under other domain names to continue to defraud."

"Cross-regional" loans Measure volume

At present, online loan flat fast loans are not subject to geographical restrictions. It is understood that many small loan companies are currently attached to P2P platforms, e-commerce platforms or self-operated platforms to issue loans, thus facing a wider customer base.

"Strictly speaking, traditional small loan companies have strict geographical restrictions. According to this regulation, even in the network, they cannot lend across regions. Therefore, if you encounter cross-regional loans, you should be alert to their fraud. Risk.” Lu Yingyuan, a financial planner at Guyuan Finance Studio, said, “The legal definition, the imperfect management system, and illegal fund-raising and lending all have adversely affected the loan market. Relevant government departments need to introduce relevant measures and regulations to regulate small amounts as soon as possible. Credit field.”

It is reported that in August this year, the Legal Affairs Office issued the “Regulations on Non-deposit-based lending organizations (draft for comments)”, Li Kun said: “This provision can be used as a reference for lenders and can regulate non-deposits. Order of the class of lending. However, the current regulations have not yet been officially introduced, so lenders cannot rely on licenses to judge whether the online lending platform is reliable. In this regard, it is recommended that lenders should not 'sickly go to the doctor' to find Regular online loan platform or small loan company to carry out loan business. Pay attention to online loans. The next few things, first of all, formal loans do not need to pay the deposit or interest in advance. Secondly, the formal small loan companies generally do not engage in cross-regional loans. In addition, before the loan, it is best to understand the real situation of the small loan company behind the platform, in case of being fooled Being cheated."

Do you dare to believe in low-interest unsecured loans onlin
With the advantage of the Internet, online lending is becoming a trend. The words “one-day lending”, “ultra-low interest rate”, “no mortgage” and “high-value loans without handling fees” have become the publicity signs of th

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