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What should pay attention to the college student loan repaym


student loan is the most effective means of studying for some students. After many students have started the student loan at the beginning, few people realize that the student loan is actually a kind of loan, often due to forgetting or inconvenience. And late or directly owed. Even if we are still students, we must face up to the student loans and understand the negative effects of defaulting on loans. Xiaobian here has compiled the repayment process for student loans for those who have already applied for student loans, for those who need it.

After applying for the student loan, you need to pay attention to the following three points:

1. Repay the interest on time during the grace period. According to the regulations, the loan graduate students should start to bear the loan interest from September 1 of the year of graduation, and begin to repay the interest for the first year before December 20 of the current year, and then repay the interest on time before December 20 of each year. For example, if you are a graduate of the year and you are admitted to graduate school, you need to submit an extension to the Financial Assistance Center before August 1 to apply for the change of your schooling information and apply for the financial subsidy interest during your degree. Otherwise, no interest will be given.

2. Repay the principal and interest on time after the grace period. On December 20th, two years after graduation (such as before graduation in June 2014, it should be before December 20, 2016), the first equal repayment of the principal will be made, and the principal will be repaid on time before December 20th of each year.

3. Timely update contact information

(1) Before December 1st each year, the graduate students will contact the student support center of the loan processing center and the university teacher once to provide the latest address and contact number of their own and their family. stop.

(2) Before December 1st of each year, log on to the student source online credit student loan online system, update personal information, check the need for repayment, until the loan is over.

Alipay recharge process is as follows (for students who use Alipay account to repay):

First, log in to Alipay webpage, enter the corresponding account name and password, login recharge interface

Note: The account name is automatically applied to the student source credit loan Generated and printed on the loan contract. The initial login password of the student who borrowed in 2010 is the remaining part of the student ID number after the first 6 digits are removed (for example, the ID number is: 110110199009011234, the password is: 199009011234); the initial login password of the student after the loan is randomly generated by the system. An 8-digit alphanumeric combination printed on the loan acceptance certificate.

Second, direct recharge (I opened the online banking business)

1, after successful login, you can see the account balance and other corresponding account information. Click on

to recharge, you can enter.

2. Enter the recharge interface, select the available online banking, click Next

3. Fill in the corresponding recharge amount, click “Login to online bank recharge”, the system will automatically jump to the corresponding online login interface (each bank) The online payment page is different, please follow the prompts. After using the online bank to recharge successfully, Alipay will display the corresponding account balance.

Second, through other Alipay accounts to Alipay repayment account transfer method (I did not open online banking, others opened online banking).

1. Log in to Alipay, choose to transfer money, and transfer money to the account you need to repay.

2. Click the page after the transfer to jump, select I want to pay, and proceed to the next step.

3. After the page jumps, choose to pay to one person and proceed to the next step.

4. Fill in the account, transfer amount, payment instructions, etc. of the Alipay to be repaid, click Next to confirm the transfer information.

5. Check and confirm the payment information (especially the verification of the other party's Alipay account number and amount), confirm the information and pay.

6. After the page jumps, if Alipay has the balance, it will transfer directly. If there is no balance, it will be transferred to the corresponding online banking interface, which is consistent with the “two, direct recharge” operation method, and will not be repeated.

After the recharge is completed, the system will automatically deduct the corresponding repayment amount for repayment of the loan on the 20th of each month. Borrowing students can log in to the student online system or the funding center after the 1st of the following month to check the repayment status.

Passing, rural credit cooperative repayment process (for unopened Alipay students)

1. After inquiring about the principal and interest, before the 15th of each month, the student will inform the fund center at the time of loan to repay the loan and understand the repayment process. And fully deposit the repayment funds into the designated account of the local student financial management center.

2. Before the 20th of each month, inform the funding center by phone or fax that the funds have been deposited into the repayment account.

3. On the 20th of each month, the funding center will deduct the repayment funds to the National Development Bank.

4. After 30 days of each month, check with the funding center for repayment.

What should pay attention to the college student loan repaym
The student loan is the most effective means of studying for some students. After many students have started the student loan at the beginning, few people realize that the student loan is actually a kind of loan, often due to forgetting or i

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