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At what stage of your foreign exchange trading level, how to

Stage 1: You just entered the game, but you only have a general understanding of everything in the field. You are not sure about the rules of each contract. You have no idea what to buy and what to sell. Your transaction mainly depends on each period. Gold reviews, or listen to your friends' suggestions, you always feel that they are justified. Your trading is mainly a short-term in the day. If you earn some money, you will be eager to close your position. If you are afraid that the profit of your hand will fly, you will hold it when you lose money, thinking that there will always be a set of solutions.

Phase 2: You start to know what the main contract is, and then rush to see the position structure. You also know some technical indicators, such as MACD, KDJ, RSI, and so on. They always feel that they are sometimes accurate and sometimes not allowed. You are also concerned about the fundamentals. Today's economic situation changes in various countries. Is there more stock or less? You always check it online the first time. Your trades are frequent and you lose money when you earn, but in general, the account is a loss.

Phase 3: You have been trading on the field for a while, but in general the account is losing money. You feel that it is really difficult to make money in this field. You are anxious to turn it over, but you don't know what to do. You read some books about trading, but you think they are talking about the same thing. It is quite not the case to get the actual operation in this field. You think that the indicators are not accurate enough, so you try to adjust the parameters, but they are still sometimes not allowed. You go to the forum and hope to get the guidance of the master, but no one is a saint, and no one can be 100% accurate.

Stage 4: You have had a big loss or a stormy experience. You know that you can't listen to those comments if you want to survive on this field. So you start to learn systematically. You have read all the relevant books you can find, hoping to find a magic weapon to win the battlefield. You also learned about wave theory, Gann's rule, and chaos theory. You also know that you have to take advantage of the situation and lose money to stop loss. But you can't figure out how this "potential" is determined, and where the stop loss is located. You feel that it is really too difficult to know exactly when the field is reversed. You don't believe that someone can make money in this field. Because you are smart, you feel that you can make money in the face of the field. How can they make money?

Stage 5 : You start to understand that you have to have a trading system to make money on this field. But you can't quite understand what this trading system specifically includes. You try to combine several indicators into your system, based on the signal bins they provide. But they often conflict with each other, letting you know which one to believe at this time. You try long-term trading, but sometimes you can't figure out whether it's a callback or a reversal. You also try to do a short-term day, earning three or five hundred dollars a day, and it should be quite a year. The key is that I often earn three hundred today, but I lost five hundred tomorrow. Your bill is still a loss. You feel that it is too difficult to make an investment. If it doesn't work, you should consider whether you should give up.

Stage 6: You begin to understand that you can't predict the price trend in this field, you can't, others don't. You start to have a trading system of your own. You know that you only need to be disciplined. In the long run, you should be able to make money. You start to think about the problem with probability. Every time you come into play, you know the ratio of risk and reward. If you are wrong, you will stop the loss, and you will be able to take advantage of the profitable list. When you make a bill, you earn a loss, and the profit and loss are basically the same. Sometimes you can trade on your own system, sometimes you can't. But you start to believe that someone on this field can make money. You can start to shout out good orders, and you have become the focus of public attention in the forum.

Phase 7: You can start to be profitable and have your own set of trading systems. You have solved all the problems of the trading concept and started to have your own trading philosophy. You don't care much about technical things. You know that as long as the idea is correct, you can make a steady profit even with a simple moving average. You know which are the key points, you can enter the game calmly, although you can't see how the trend will be in the future. One day you may earn five hundred and lose three hundred, but you can execute the stop loss correctly. You know that these lost money will come back sooner or later. Your mentality is basically calm, but occasionally the volatility of the market will still have some ups and downs, especially when there is a single.

Stage 8: It is common for you to make money at this time. Just like a driving driver driving, you will stop at the red light and the green light will do. Trading is completely unconscious to you. You no longer need to precisely define the position of the stop loss against the graph, and use a pen or calculator to calculate the ratio of risk to reward. You don't care at all whether the inventory of gold and silver is high or low, because fundamentals are useless to you.

Stage 9: At this time, you know the world economy well, you can predict the next round of economic trends in advance. You only trade a few times a year, or you can take it for a few years. When you rarely watch, most of the time you are playing golf or fishing on a small island. You never talk to someone about trading, because you know no one can understand.

At what stage of your foreign exchange trading level, how to
Stage 1: You just entered the game, but you only have a general understanding of everything in the field. You are not sure about the rules of each contract. You have no idea what to buy and what to sell. Your transaction mainly depends on e

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