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Disaster accidents, how to buy accident insurance?

Disaster accidents, how to buy accident insurance? From the Wenchuan earthquake to the Zhouqu mudslide natural disaster, from the gas explosion to the gas leak in the Hangzhou chemical plant, more and more natural disasters and accidents, we are paying attention to these At the same time of disasters, do you realize that the risk of accidents is gradually increasing? Everyone should buy some accident insurance products for themselves, so that even if we are unfortunate enough to meet the "just in case", we can have a copy of the family for the money. make up.

In fact, many people in the society now realize the necessity of buying accident insurance. But how much insurance should a person buy? Is it only to buy accident insurance or accident insurance? Now online insurance has become a trend, and the premium is much cheaper than the offline. Is the ordinary people buying it online or looking for an agent to buy it online? Is it usually bought, or do you buy it when you go out to play? We have invited insurance consultants from foreign insurance companies and Chinese insurance companies to work together for advice.

The amount of insurance is 5 to 10 times, Sun Haiying: As the first policy in a personal insurance plan, accident insurance is very important for everyone, especially since natural disasters and accidents happen frequently. Everyone should Have a sense of preventing accidental risks. But how much insurance risk does a person buy in the end? Is it better? I think it should be considered comprehensively.

Under normal circumstances, each insurance cost should be 10% to 15% of the year, and the insurance amount should be 5 to 10 times of the year, so if you simply buy accident insurance, then it is best to buy 5 to 10 times The amount of insurance, if it is in the overall insurance plan, can be calculated after the insurance coverage provided by other insurance products is removed. For example, if you have 100,000 yuan a year, the amount of insurance should be 500,000 to 1 million. If you only buy accident insurance, it should be the amount of insurance, but if your health insurance product already has 200,000 death insurance, then the accident The insurance must be at least 300,000. Of course, it would be better if you can protect 800,000.

Of course, the amount of accident insurance required to purchase at different stages is also different. Minors have no wages. In order to effectively control moral hazard, the state currently sets a maximum limit for the death insurance of minors. In most areas, the death insurance for children does not exceed 50,000.

Older people are a group with high risk of accidents, but most accident insurance products take into account the risk cost problem and will control the insurance age below 60 weeks or even lower. Therefore, the elderly should pay special attention to the avoidance of future accident risks, and purchase accident insurance before the age limit of insurance coverage. The insurance amount should not be too high. At the same time, it is possible to choose accidental medical insurance products with high subsidy and unlimited number of claims.

The amount of insurance purchased at different stages is different, and the amount of insurance purchased by people of different occupations should also be different. Office workers who often go out often need to take public tools, they can choose some accident insurance products according to the tools they use, and they can buy some accident insurance products for private car drivers. At present, it is the peak of summer vacation travel. Customers can also purchase some short-term accident insurance that guarantees 7-15 days when they travel, and the insurance premium can be increased by tens of thousands.

Of course, for each person's specific situation, it is best to find a professional life insurance agent tailor-made, according to their own and the family's economic situation, work and health conditions. In addition, adult accident insurance is generally combined with life insurance or health insurance. Customers should have a clear enough understanding of this. It is not enough to simply buy accident insurance.

Accidental injury is best for accidental medical treatment, Wang Juanmei: It is often accompanied by accidental accidents, which are often medical expenses. Accidental injury medical insurance can reimburse accidental hospitalization expenses, and can also reimburse emergency medical expenses for emergency medical expenses, including emergency department registration fees, medicine fees, surgery fees, and ambulance fees. Therefore, when insuring accident insurance, I recommend that accident insurance and accidental injury medical insurance should be purchased at the same time. If the economic conditions permit, you can also attach accidental hospitalization medical subsidies. It does not conflict with the above two insurances and can receive subsidies repeatedly.

In real life, occasionally customers complain that accidents have not been paid for medical expenses. In fact, many people do not purchase additional medical insurance. Therefore, when buying accident insurance, you must consider comprehensive and not to buy. Insured or bought the wrong type and can't get a claim. There are more and more people traveling now, so you should purchase sufficient travel insurance, which should include tourist accident insurance, public accident insurance, and travel insurance.

When choosing accidental medical insurance, pay attention to the provisions of the insurance clause for the deductible of medical expenses, the proportion of self-pay and the maximum reimbursement limit, and try to choose accidental medical insurance with low deductible, large reimbursement and high reimbursement. Nowadays, many companies offer comprehensive accident insurance products that tie several products together. They not only provide personal injury, death, etc., but also provide protection for accidental medical treatment, not only provide medical expenses, but even There is a postage in hospital. It is worth reminding that regardless of treatment or hospitalization, the insured must be treated in a hospital designated or approved by the insurance company in order to obtain claims. The general insurance company treats hospitals with dimethyl and above as claims hospitals. In addition, occupational categories also play a decisive role in premiums. Comprehensive accident insurance generally only has one to four types of occupations, and it is denied for more than four types of dangerous occupations. At the same time, some comprehensive accident insurance products have restrictions on the payment of four types of occupations. If there are comprehensive accident insurance products, the insured person has four types of occupations. After the accident, the insurance amount is paid by 50%. Online prices are cheaper, offline services are better, Song Minghua: There are many products for accident insurance, there are traditional policy-style, but also card-style, emerging electronic insurance policy, that is, the networkInsured. Since the intermediate links such as agents are bypassed, the price of online insurance is often cheaper, and various insurance companies will also launch various types of insurance promotion activities from time to time. Buying accident insurance online has also become a choice for many young people. However, considering that online insurance sales are just getting started, there are still many imperfections, and you need to pay attention to the risks involved when purchasing. Not only that, but because of the agent link, there is no special person to follow up in the future after-sales service, which will cause trouble for future claims. I have met many times, and customers are going back and forth because of the lack of certain materials when making claims. Therefore, I suggest that ordinary people should choose agents to serve when they purchase accident insurance. Nowadays, companies basically have their own accident insurance products, and the prices are not much different. Some products may be accidental injuries, some are accidental medical, and the other is to combine the two, but in the final analysis, from the basic security point of view, the product difference is not very large. When people buy accident insurance, don't just look at the price, but look at the specific terms of the product. Is it only to protect against accidental injury or accidental medical treatment? Is the premium for accidental medical treatment sufficient? Order. Nowadays, the most common children are children, especially those who just walked. The small babies they encounter have a lot of touches. If you buy them, you must have enough accidental medical insurance. Nowadays, many people like to buy accident insurance before going out to travel. In fact, they should always buy enough accident insurance, so that they can go out to play at any time, and if they go out with the tour group, the general travel agency will also buy accident insurance, plus It is enough to buy accident insurance that you usually buy. Now some insurance companies have also launched accident insurance products for the whole family. It is also a good choice for those who rarely buy accident insurance. For example, the family card that insurance launches for the whole family, that is, one card can protect the whole family. Is a good choice. However, it is best to ask the agent carefully about the relevant terms before buying, and find out if it is suitable for you before making a decision.
Disaster accidents, how to buy accident insurance?
Disaster accidents, how to buy accident insurance? From the Wenchuan earthquake to the Zhouqu mudslide natural disaster, from the gas explosion to the gas leak in the Hangzhou chemical plant, more and more natural disasters and accidents, w

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