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How does Chao Dao Chao Ma put insurance on Meng Bao?

In June, various topics surrounding children gradually warmed up. All parents are hoping that their children will grow up healthily and happily, receive a good education, and achieve. However, it is not always easy. It is inevitable that children will encounter various accidents and risks during their growth. It is a choice for many parents to purchase insurance and provide a guarantee for their children.

However, according to the characteristics of children's age, physical condition, and growing environment, it is not a matter of seeking more and purchasing children's insurance. To this end, the reporter also visited some insurance company professionals. Insurance financial experts have pointed out that child insurance should follow the protection first, the second income; the first adult, the latter child; should be early and late, so as to provide a practical guarantee for the child's growth.

Tip 1: Buying insurance for adults is more important In modern society, people pay more and more attention to children's health, education, future growth and other aspects, reflecting the purchase of child insurance, some parents will spare no expense, the more they feel Guaranteed. Insurance experts suggest that in order to prevent possible moral hazard, there are many restrictions on child insurance, such as insurance for children with death as compensation (periodic life insurance, accident insurance), the accumulated insurance coverage does not exceed 100,000. Therefore, child insurance should be purchased according to the family's economic situation. At the same time, in a family, buying insurance should be focused. Children are important to a family, but parents who are truly responsible for the family's economic burden should be the focus of insurance. Insurance: "E Shun (2014) Comprehensive Accident Protection Plan", you only need to pay 55 per year, you can enjoy 100,000 accidental death protection. “Wanli Two Insurance” is an accident insurance for private car owners and frequent business travelers. It pays 3650 per year and pays for 5 years. It can enjoy up to 1 million accident protection for 30 years. The coverage includes driving private cars and riding. Aircraft, taxis, ships, rails, buses, etc., can also be refunded 1.2 times the accumulated premiums paid.

Tip 2: Priority to buy accidents, health and children's insurance Faced with a variety of children's insurance products, insurance experts recommend taking accident insurance, medical insurance, education insurance in the order of purchase, other insurance can be purchased as appropriate. The suggestion is that the child's body is delicate, the nature is strong, the self-protection consciousness and ability are poor, drowning, poisoning, animal bites, building collapse, accidents, public security accidents, play and injury, etc., have become minors. An important factor in accidental injury and death. In addition, children's physical function development is not perfect, and the ability to resist disease erosion is weak, especially in recent years, major diseases are gradually showing a trend of younger age. At the same time, insurance financial experts also said that many tide dads buy the children's insurance, the first thing that comes to mind is the education gold, for fear that their children will lose at the starting line. What is unknown is that there are many ways to reserve education funds, but only insurance can provide protection, and health is more important than health. The baby's body is delicate and mischievous, and it is common for the cold, fever, and bruises to fall. Therefore, the comprehensive medical insurance for medical expenses and the comprehensive accident insurance covering medical expenses can not be reduced. What is even more frightening is that there are too many factors that threaten the health of the baby, such as smog and tainted milk powder. Children with leukemia increase at least 3-4 million per year. The huge medical expenses after suffering from severe illness not only bring huge economic pressure to the family, but also affect timely treatment. Insurance: The insurance launched the Peace of Mind Children's Major Diseases Protection Program for all minors born between 30 days and 16 years of age, covering 25 kinds of serious illnesses and providing comprehensive protection for children's healthy growth.

Tip 3: Education Gold Insurance recommends choosing the premium exemption function to give your baby the best education, is the voice of many tide dad. Education is always a top priority in the growth of children. The difficult tuition and rising tuition fees have also overwhelmed many parents. Insurance experts suggest that, under the conditions allowed by the family's economic situation, purchase education insurance for children early, prepare for the rain, gather sand into a tower, and lay a flat road for children to learn. The two-child insurance, which has both education and security functions, is a good choice for parents. As a dividend-based education gold product, it can reduce the pressure on parents' education expenditure on the one hand, and provide important protection needs for children on the other hand. It is a major innovation in children's insurance products. What is even more rare is that it also has the function of accumulating interest and secondary value-added. If the child is not needed for the survival gold collection age, it will automatically enter the “grow happy” cumulative interest-earning account, and increase the value according to the monthly compound interest. The second increase in funds. Insurance: "Journey Education Fund Protection Plan" is a special education gold insurance, which is insured for 0 babies. The annual premium is 7610 and the payment is 10 years. You can receive 5,000 yuan of education per year in high school. 10,000 education funds, at 30,000 to receive 50,000 wedding gold, at the same time, can also enjoy dividend distribution every year, if the insured unfortunately died one year after the policy takes effect, part of the premium can be exempted 3300 per year.

How does Chao Dao Chao Ma put insurance on Meng Bao?
In June, various topics surrounding children gradually warmed up. All parents are hoping that their children will grow up healthily and happily, receive a good education, and achieve. However, it is not always easy. It is inevitable that ch

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