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Priority should be given to the purchase of children's insur

At present, there are many kinds of children's insurance on the field, which brings a lot of confusion to the parents who are purchasing children's insurance for children. The insiders said that the insurance premium for children should not exceed 10% of the family. Accident and medical insurance should be purchased first.

According to the business report on September 8, the school started, for parents, the mood is mixed, what should children do if they encounter bumps in the school? Face to face many children's insurance products, how should parents choose? What do you need to pay special attention to?

In this regard, Liu Wei, senior business director of the Life Branch, said that parents can give priority to students to buy insurance and pay for children's mutual help (now called “Basic Medical Insurance for Students and Children”. "Children's medical insurance"), the former is commercial insurance, the latter is a government-funded childcare insurance with welfare, which is a cheap and good product.

When parents buy insurance for their children, they should abide by the principle of “being near and far, and then rushing first and then slowing down”, that is, the risk of easy to be insured first. Childhood disease hospitalization and accidental injury are the most frequent, so you should choose to purchase inpatient medical insurance and accident insurance in combination with other existing insurance, and heavy illness insurance can also be purchased at your discretion.

Life insurance experts say that in general, to buy insurance for children, insurance premiums are recommended not to exceed 10% of the entire family year. Parents should act according to their financial strength.

For families with average economic strength, consider buying only accident and medical insurance. A family with a slightly stronger economic strength may consider insuring a child with a major illness insurance. For families with strong economic strength, they can invest in education insurance for their children on the basis of health insurance.

According to the family's economic situation, insurance experts provide three sets of programs for parents, which are divided into three types: simple version, basic version and enhanced version for parents to choose: Lite version configuration: Children's medical insurance, to say that the price is good, the first Push the student child basic medical insurance program.

Children's medical insurance was called “Children's Mutual Aid”. It was jointly established by the Health Bureau and the Education Bureau with the support of the government and has certain social welfare.

After the child is born for one month, the parents can go to the community health service center (station) where the household registration or residence is located, ( ) the health center, the child health care and the children's program immunization institution to participate in voluntary contributions; and the primary and secondary school students can participate in the school.

It is understood that according to the basic medical insurance requirements of urban residents, the payment for children's medical insurance in 2008 is still 40 / year, the time limit for payment is from September 1 to December 20, 2008, and the insurance is valid for January 1, 2009. From 0:00 to 4:00 on December 31.

During the insurance period, the expenses incurred by the child due to illness, hospitalization due to injury, or outpatient treatment expenses for major diseases such as leukemia, hemophilia, aplastic anemia, malignant tumors, etc. can be reimbursed according to regulations, and one year can be reimbursed. 80000.

Basic version: Children's medical insurance + learning insurance, learning coverage insurance coverage, children's insurance first choice, the most important feature of learning insurance is low insurance, generally between 20 ~ 50, down to kindergarten children, up to graduate students, as long as You can get paid by paying the bill, and you don't have to carry out various medical examinations like adults buy a major illness insurance.

is cheaper, but there are many guarantees. Only dozens of covers cover accidents, accident clinics, hospitalization and other protections. It is the first choice for children to take out insurance. Take the insurance policy of an insurance company as an example: the premium is 50/year, and its coverage covers accidental injury insurance (insurance amount 13,000), accidental outpatient insurance (insurance amount 1,500), term life insurance (insurance amount 13,000), and hospitalization Medical insurance (insurance amount 60,000). Buying a flat insurance, usually during the period of school, the insurance company will send someone to the school to set up a point, parents can go to the school; in addition, the school is usually a group purchase, generally not retail, in response to this situation, the current insurance company Introduced some cheap card-based policies for students, such as Life Insurance launched the "Golden Sun Card", which can be purchased separately. Enhanced version: Children's medical insurance + learning insurance + health insurance + other. At present, commercial children's insurance is mainly divided into two categories: protection and education. Among them, the protection of children's insurance is mainly to solve the medical problems of children, but also provide accident protection. These include children's accidental death and disability insurance and child medical illness insurance. The education-type children's insurance mainly provides education funds for children, and provides insurance payment or entrepreneurship and marriage funds according to different stages of growth of their children's elementary school, junior high school, high school, and university. Buying such child insurance, parents are equivalent to saving a child's money, and the child can still get a certain guarantee. Experts suggest that if the family's economic conditions permit, parents can choose a comprehensive and comprehensive commercial medical insurance plan combination with exemption: including accidental medical insurance, hospitalized medical insurance, and major illness medical insurance. At the same time, experts reminded that the sooner the major illness insurance is purchased, the cheaper it will be. In addition, if you want a more luxurious configuration, there are many insurance options available, such as education insurance.
Priority should be given to the purchase of children's insur
At present, there are many kinds of children's insurance on the field, which brings a lot of confusion to the parents who are purchasing children's insurance for children. The insiders said that the insurance premium for children should not

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